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    Awesome Design Tools

    Curated by the team of Flawless , Awesome Design Tools holds a large collection of Design Tools, categorized in their functionality.

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    Digital Bookshelf

    Digitalbookshelf is a must-read book list for product managers and designer.

  • Frontend, Curatorial

    Must-Watch CSS

    An Aggregated list of must-watch CSS talks on the topics of CSS framework, animation, scalability and more.

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    Design Dots

    Design digest maintained by Tony Gines from USA. Daily website update and weekly newsletters include design products, articles, freebies and even influencers in design community.

  • Curatorial, User Experience

    User Friendly - A Medium Collection

    Handpicked user experience articles by official Medium editors.

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    A minimal listing curated by Ronalds Vilcins. Only 3 things are curated in each field.

  • Prototyping, Curatorial, Team Collaboration

    Feedback Tools

    A curated directory of tools for collecting feedbacks

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    Designers:Watch showcases the must-see documentaries for designers and creators.

  • Curatorial, Typography


    Typewolf is an indie typography resources blog curated by Jeremiah Shoaf. It recommends fonts and explores trending typography site on daily basis.

  • Curatorial, Photography

    The Observers

    Curated photo books recommendations by visionaries and creatives by notable photographers and filmmakers

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    Lapa Books

    Develop your creative and design skills by reading. Lapa Books is a free ebook collection curated for web designers.