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  • Design, User Interface

    Can't Unsee

    Can’t Unsee presents two very similar mockups. One is pixel perfect and one is not. While some design principles are very standard (like spacing, line height and visual cues) , some may not agree with all the "correct" design decisions. Built by Alex Kotliarsky.

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    Blobmaker help you to create random blobs in SVG to catch with design trend.

  • Design, Iconography


    Logobook collects a variety of logos for design inspiration. Categorizing in letters, numbers, shapes and even business nature. Logobook is a great reference to kickstart the brainstorming process.

  • For Free, Design


    unDraw is a MIT licensed illustration library that is ready for your website and match with your palette.

  • Design, Mockups


    Screely turns screenshot into browser mockup with color detection. Free beta right now.

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    Figma Dictionary

    Figma team introduces a new learning resource for all design-related jargon in one page.

  • User Interface, Design

    Design + Code

    Interactive e-book to teach how to design and code a React app for iOS 11. Written by Ming To.

  • Map, Design, User Interface

    Snazzy Maps

    Customized Google Map style apply on your website.