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  • For Free, Creativity


    Humaaans is a Sketch and Invision Studio template to mix and match character illustrations. Free

  • Prototyping, For Free, Figma


    User-flow diagramming tool tailored for designers. Works with Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD and Photoshop.

  • Photography, For Free


    Unsplash offers 550,000+ license-free high-resolution photos available to download without sign in. Credits are much appreciated thought.

  • Prototyping, Team Collaboration, For Free, User Interface


    Combining UI design, prototyping, and feedback in one web-based tool, Figma is more than a design app. Users can iterate prototypes in collaboration, and provide feedbacks simultaneously. It is catching up with Sketch for the need in large-scale design projects. Figma is free to try with limited projects with paid upgrade per user.

  • For Free, Design


    unDraw is a MIT licensed illustration library that is ready for your website and match with your palette.

  • Typography, For Free

    Google Fonts

    Google Fonts is a no-brainer in modern digital design. 800+ font families are available to use for free. You can also use these fonts on your website. There are also so much more language fonts available via early access program.

  • Color, For Free

    Digital Color Meter

    The most convenient app to grab color code is the one built-in to your Mac. Digital Color Meter is a default Mac utilities app hidden in your Application folder. Simply press Shift + Command + C will copy the value into the clipboard. You can also adjust color profile (native, sRGB, Adobe RGB or P3 etc.) as well as the values to display