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    Can't Unsee

    Can’t Unsee presents two very similar mockups. One is pixel perfect and one is not. While some design principles are very standard (like spacing, line height and visual cues) , some may not agree with all the "correct" design decisions. Built by Alex Kotliarsky.

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    Pttrns is a great place to kickstart your UI research. Similar user interface patterns and functions are posted across different apps.

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    Refactoring UI

    Refactoring UI started as design tidbits to work smoothly with developer. It stresses on visual hierarchy and systematic approach to UI design from a developer point of view. Brand new ebook and resources are available for $149.

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    Apple Human Interface Guidelines — Color

    Color section of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines is a great introductory piece for color design when you are designing websites and apps.

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    Combining UI design, prototyping, and feedback in one web-based tool, Figma is more than a design app. Users can iterate prototypes in collaboration, and provide feedbacks simultaneously. It is catching up with Sketch for the need in large-scale design projects. Figma is free to try with limited projects with paid upgrade per user.

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    Magic Mirror

    Perspective mockups could be created without leaving Sketch app. Magic Mirror adds the functionality of perspective transformation to Sketch artboards. So users can create high-fidelity mockups in perspective. Paid monthly subscription support up to 4x image quality and symbols.

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    Free sketch plug-in that auto import free licensed photo from Unsplash to your sketch project.

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    Design + Code

    Interactive e-book to teach how to design and code a React app for iOS 11. Written by Ming To.

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    Snazzy Maps

    Customized Google Map style apply on your website.